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Railroad Crossers BEWARE!

September 03, 2016
Kara Watkins
Railroad crossers BEWARE! Crossing the tracks from Del Mar up to Oceanside comes with a heavy penalty! An increase in ticking for J-Walking across or next to the tracks comes with a $495 ticket that can be issued as a misdemeanor!  Living in Cardiff near the Reef, crossing the tracks is my surf route; I've been lucky so far! Be careful where you cross to get to the beach! You can sign local petitions in your beach community in an effort to keep the trails next to the railroad legal to walk on....

Market Outlook: Slow and Steady

March 25, 2016
Kara Watkins
I frequently get asked, "How's the market?", with most people hoping for (or expecting) a black and white answer. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple. Here is the best way to sum it up, however. Good properties are selling quickly, but less desirable (and definitely if overpriced) are tending to sit. Buyers are more picky now compared to a year or so ago. They aren't buying just to buy, unless it is the 'right" property. Many have the optomistic attitude that more inventory will be coming (which I agree). Sellers, as a whole, want top ...

Surf Is Up, Inventory Is Down, Off Market Is Key

February 08, 2016
Kara Watkins
As the locals know, the surf is up in San Diego and will be BIG this upcoming weekend. Well overhead is expected so hopefully the weather continues being paradise-like in the 70's.  Quite the opposite is the level of inventory in many of the Beach Communities. Buyers are still anxiously waiting on the New Year to bring in a flurry of inventory as expected, but things have been quiet as of yet. One thing is certain, finding off market opportunities is the way to go. In December, I got a call from a local neighbor who knew of two "Front Row" ...

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